Saturday, May 31, 2008

Enterpise racing dinghy Snoopy

The Enterprise is a two-man sloop-rigged hiking sailing dinghy with distinctive blue sails. Despite being one of the older classes of dingies, it remains popular in the United Kingdom and about a dozen other countries, and is used for both cruising and racing. It has a combination of size, weight, and power which appeals to all ages, and to sailing schools.

The Enterprise is accredited as an International Class by the International Sailing Federation, (ISAF). The Enterprise is most often sailed with no spinnaker. Early wooden boats used buoyancy bags fixed under the benches and thwarts for internal buoyancy. They have handling characteristics which would generally be associated with small boat racing designs. Enterprises provide close tactical racing, as with many other one design dinghies. However, top Enterprise sailors depend more on expensive equipment and exotic materials than sailors in stricter one-design classes such as Lasers or Thistles, where all boats are identical.

The first two Enterprises built were sailed from Dover to Calais both as a test and for advertising purposes. This feat was recreated on the Enterprise's 50th anniversary, but this time the two boats were sailed both to France and back again!
This Enterprise has been restored by Doryman over this last winter for his friends Doug and Barb and will be on the water this summer. Crew anyone?

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