Sunday, November 16, 2008

Old Town Canoe

DoryMan recently acquired a 20 foot Old Town freight canoe. The story seems to be that the Navy used these heavy, stout canoes for reconnaissance missions in Vietnam. Whether or not this is true, the canoe was indeed well built and had seen some extensive use. The original canvas skin had been removed and replaced with a coat of polyester impregnated fiberglass.
The fiberglass was applied thick and never fared out, but has good adhesion. Removing the 'glass promised to damage the wood sheathing, so repairing the old coating seemed the best course of action.
The surface was sanded to remove the uneven excess material and two coats of epoxy resin, with the occasional filler, fared back to prepare for paint. After two coats of "easypoxy" paint the canoe is ready to turn over for interior repairs.

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