Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bateau Mojo

This winter's project is a flat-bottomed bateau. Traditionally used for anything from duck hunting to harvesting rice, the small, light bateau resembles a canoe or piroque. Future postings will demonstrate the assembly of this easy to construct vessel. This boat would be appropriate for the first time builder or anyone wanting a durable, lightweight rowing or paddling conveyance for a reasonable price.

Doryman's Gloucester Gull Dory Otter has been donated to a friend who needed a fine rowing vessel, so this will be her replacement. Otter was one of the first new boats to come out of Doryman's shop 30 years ago and has been a consistent friend. Hopefully she will serve Dave well! The new bateau will need a name to convey her subtle simplicity and functional utility, if anyone has any suggestions...

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