Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I am fascinated with an ancient fishing vessel, the Sanpierotta. It's a beautiful design from the days of working sailboats.
Research has produced little, however. But I thought I'd share a site I found, called Arzana. The site is still under construction, but what there is, you may find interesting.
In addition to the Sanpierota, there is a work boat named Sandolo. These boats were originally powered by sail and apparently built dory fashion.

The oarlocks (Forcole or "crutch") for these boats are a work of art, made for a standing rower who faces forward. There are also some very unique oars, each different from the other.

Hopefully, I will find more about these traditional fishing boats from Venice.


Michael said...

For your reference, Venetian boats are covered in sequential articles in WoodenBoat Nos. 152 and 153. Venice is a great place to visit.

Michael Hayden

michael bogoger said...

Thanks Michael!
I was hoping someone would come forward...