Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mistral Haul-out

Those who say a wooden boat is a lot of work are right.
Mistral has not been hauled out for maintenance and new paint for two years, which might be twice too long. Anyone who has paid for a boatyard haul-out knows why I waited! Not to mention all the work involved.

1000 square feet of weather damaged paint has to be scraped, sanded, repaired and painted. And the happy boat owner/builder has the good fortune to paying for this privilege. Each year takes it's toil, so it's a crap-shoot whether skipping a scheduled maintenance is worth it.

Doryman has been accused of having a very low tolerance for sloppy maintenance.

With a full length keel, Mistral sits easily in the cradle of the hoist. Dories are adaptable to any situation! Isn't that the greatest accolade?

It's just about sunset on an overcast summer day, while Mistral hangs in the slings.

Greg, if you're out there, now's the time to survey the old girl! She's on the hard at Riverbend Boatyard. And Doryman will be there every day for three weeks.

Mistral in the sling from michael bogoger on Vimeo.

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