Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sucia Island Rendezvous, Part IV: The Great Pelican Liveaboard

The RAID Continues!

As Full Gallop entered Prevost Harbor on Stuart Island, leading a gaggle of hand built vessels, a sailor at anchor showed particular attention to our progress.

We hailed each other at the same time, with the salutation "What kind of boat is that?".

Randy answered first and said his was a Great Pelican. We pointed behind us to Lou, who was coming up in his Great Pelican, Toucan. Randy literally open his arms wide in surprised salutation.

Randy lives on his Great Pelican four to six months of the year and has been many interesting places, on a boat he built (and modified) himself.
He is a quiet and generous man who supplied us with a bucket of fresh picked oysters for dinner, which were shucked by Lou and cooked by Darrell. Yum!

He and Lou found they had much in common, including their boats. (Randy's is the dark green hull and Lou's is off-white.)

There is a lot of boat in a sixteen foot Great Pelican!

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