Monday, August 24, 2009

Mistral Voyage

Yesterday morning Captain Rick and The Lady Cat accompanied Doryman 13 miles down river on the beautiful Yaquina.
Mistral embarked at 0520 in the morning dark and fog. The sun was slow to rise this close to the Equinox and even when it did, with all the fog, visibility was almost nil.

The Dory knows her home waters though and the day broke calm and silent, full of marine mammals and wading birds of all descriptions stirring for breakfast.

Even within the mouth of the river where the highway passes between ocean and sheltered waters, the Yaquina Bay bridge was barely visible beyond the breakwater.

0800 hours and back in Port.


Anonymous said...

The shots of the bridge in the fog are excellent and really bring back memories of the Coast. Thanks for posting them.

Michael H.

doryman said...

Good to hear from you Michael! It was a magical morning, though a little tense at times. The low lying fog of the coastal Fall characterizes my favorite time of year.