Monday, September 28, 2009

St. Ayles Skiff

Encouraging Boat Building and Rowing in Coastal Communities

Chris Perkins gives us a quick update on the Scottish Coastal Rowing Project and the St Ayles Skiff by Iain Oughtred.
Big progress has been made on small details. I love this stage of a build, when the boat begins to show it's structural integrity. The prototype St. Ayles Skiff is coming along nicely.

Thanks Chris, for the photos!

Doesn't this entice you to build a boat?

If that's not enough, there is a fellow not far from here on the Oregon coast (US) who's building a Valgerda faering by William Atkin.

Good job, Brandon!


Anonymous said...


Your new header photo of Sparrow is one of those worth staring at. Have you convinced Laingdon Schmitt to provide some more info for us to enjoy?


Michael H.

doryman said...

I took that picture on the trip to the San Juans this summer, she is a stunner, and very photogenic.
I know a bit about the boat, as her builder (Kees Prince) was at the Rendezvous, too.
There is a good story there, I'll get to work on it - thanks for the suggestion.