Monday, November 2, 2009

EYE of the World

There seem to be quite a few circumnavigations in the press these days. A life-defining acomplishment for a young person, no doubt. But I have to confess to a bit of ho-hum about it all until I came across the EYE project.
Billed as an interactive cruise for students at home, it also offers a similar experience for all of us.

Best wishes and fair winds to Alan, Adam and Trevor.

Mission Statement from the EYE of the World website:
"EYE of the World is an interactive traveling classroom that is designed to broaden the horizons of participating students by bringing the world to their schools. EYE is rooted in the community of sailing; a community which is well versed in the history of innovation, exploration, discovery, and diversity. Each member of EYE is dedicated to providing the tools needed by our youth in order to become successful members of the international community."

Thank you, Steve (Log of Spartina) for bringing this adventure to our attention. If you haven't visited Steve and Bruce yet, be sure to - very soon!

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