Thursday, December 17, 2009

N.W. School of Wooden Boatbuilding Scholarship

Benefit for the Port Townsend Marine Trades Scholarship Fund

The Port Townsend Marine Trades Association maintains a tuition scholarship for the N.W. School of Wooden Boatbuilding and P.T. Marine Trades Association member Brion Toss is offering a rigging workshop at bargain prices as a fundraiser for this worthy cause. If you've always wanted to learn some splicing techniques, or if you need to hone old skills, this is a very good opportunity.

Brion Toss Yacht Riggers and You...
Three Strand Splicing & Fancywork Workshop

Basic eyesplice, rope-to-chain splice, buttons and beckets, crown splices, grommets, long splices, mending splices, lanyard knots and more...

With eight rigger instructors, you choose the techniques you want to learn.
All materials donated by New England Rope.

Bring your own fids.

February 6th - 9 to 4 pm
$60 Tuition
Any additional donations appreciated!
Northwest Maritime Center, Port Townsend, Washington

100% of the donations from this workshop benefit the Port Townsend Marine Trades Scholarship Fund.


uurchin said...

Can we have an East Coast live conference video link?

doryman said...

I've passed your proposal on to the PTMTA. It may be that something can be offered as a live video, that would be very cool!
I don't know if you were serious, or not, but we'll see if anything comes of it...

Unknown said...

Very nice job, Michael- thank you!
As for the video link question, that would best be addressed to Brion; contact info at