Thursday, September 23, 2010

St. Pierre Dory

When we last visited George Gosselin in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, he had found an old St. Pierre dory in the bushes and hauled it home. It's a great story.

George is working on this boat outside, so the winter weather in Ottawa determines the length of the season for reconstruction.

He also has distractions. This summer he was focused on restoring a 1960's 18 foot Wykes guide boat.

That's a pretty little skiff, George!

I don't know much about this boat, maybe George will fill us in. Apparently they are popular fishing skiffs on small lakes in Ontario.

The St. Pierre has not been neglected. George moved it closer to his house and turned it over to begin work on the decks and cuddy cabin. He hasn't settled on a cabin design yet. We've had some conversation about it and he's picked up some very good reference materials. I have a lot of confidence in this man. He'll do a great job I'm sure...

(More photos of George's project.)

Stay tuned!

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