Sunday, June 26, 2011

Toledo, Oregon Maritime Youth Project

Near the Pacific coast, in Toledo, Oregon, activities with youth oriented mariners at the floating boat-shop are in full swing.

Of course when the kids showed up, they all claimed to have extensive experience at boat handling and were expert rowers.

So, after donning our lifejackets, we all loaded into the boats and hit the high seas.

Well, as you might suspect, there were no mariners in this crowd. Though none of them actually knew how to row a boat or paddle a canoe, they caught on fast.

It was a madhouse.

I thought there were twenty kids running amok, but I am told there were only twelve.

Twelve nine to eleven year-olds can seem like two dozen.


It was a beautiful summer day on the water. When the kids come back next week, we'll see how much they remember. The first rule is to not get Doryman wet.

This parting shot tells all.

Yet another note...

At the Beale Park Boat Show in 'ol England recently, there was a "Cordless Canoe Challenge". Port-na-Storm reports on the races and some of the contraptions are pure genius.


Graham Neil said...

Hi Doryman, I'm glad you enjoyed the Cordless Canoe Challenge. There's nothing quite so eccentric as the stuff an Englishman can produce in his shed.

doryman said...

I believe you. More than one of those contraptions appear as though they would never work, but merely functional doesn't present the whole picture.
Every year I find myself wishing I'd been at the Beale Park Show.