Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bolger Stretched Dory

Phil Bolger designed a 19'-6" version of his famous Gloucester Gull (15'-8") and Rob Jackson of Florence, Oregon is building one.

Rob is sixty-two, an ex-logger and commercial fisherman who has had a lifelong passion for boats. Now that he's retired there's time to build a boat he's always liked.

The hull is meranti mahogany plywood and Rob claims to have used cedar, fir, hemlock, oak and "anything else kicking around the shop floor".

He tells me he will be rowing on the Siuslaw River and lakes surrounding Florence.

He didn't say, but I bet he does a bit of fishing too.

The oars will be hollow loomed and made from some yew wood Rob cut himself and has stored for thirty five years. He has not started making the oars yet. I hope he sends us some photos when he does. Yew is a very strong coniferous wood - a bit heavy, but it can be shaved down very thin. It's pretty and should make a fine set of oars.

Congratulations to Rob, who is building his first boat! He couldn't have chosen a better beginning.

Another build of the Bolger Stretched Dory can be found here.

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