Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dunderdale Pearl

Ralph Merriman has made real progress on his Dunderdale Pearl. We last visited Ralph in mid-October when he had a few planks set and now the hull is finished and turned over for some interior work. You have to admire dedication like that.

I've uploaded a few of Ralph's photos to Flickr and will continue to do so as the project progresses.

No pressure, Ralph. Just pretend we're not here.

Pearl plans are from Tom Dunderdale of Campion Sail and Design.

All photos courtesy of Ralph Merriman, who had some tips on how his work looks so clean:

"One thing I did to keep the plank seams tidy on the inside, and avoid a lot of unpleasant goo removal or chipping and scraping later, was to mask both edges of the plank when putting it in place. I use 2" clear packing tape, which makes cleanup a snap, as the squeeze-out underneath comes off on the tape. Finish off the lap with a gloved finger or paper towel and peel the tape the next day."


Thomas Armstrong said...

I've long been an admirer of Pearl, and would like to build her. Thanks, Doryman.

doryman said...

I have to admit to being ignorant of this design until Ralph started this project. But now I'm sold. Hopefully Ralph will take me for a sail when he's done.