Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Feature

By way of a year-end retrospective you will find a new page on the DoryMan site. At the top of the right side-bar there is a link to "Popular DoryMan Posts".

Readers have commented that it's hard to find particular posts here and I sympathize with them because I have trouble sometimes myself!
So, I hope this will help. The links are in mostly chronological order, from first to last - just the opposite of the Home page. Some links will take you directly to a single post, and for subjects with multiple posts, the link address is a search. In that case all of the posts on that subject will show. A search engine can be too inclusive, so occasionally you will find an odd post or two thrown in there.

Hopefully they will all be entertaining. The new page will be updated from time to time until it's concurrent with the Home page.

After all the hype about the End of the World in 2012, all we get is the end of 2012.......
pleasantly anticlimactic.

Happy New Year Everyone!


(PS Do you remember when the photo above, of an old log-driving bateau, was the header for this blog?)


Bursledon Blogger said...

happy new year to you Michael, that pint of warm English ale awaits if you're ever in Europe.

Patrick Hay said...

Here in France you will find none of zat warm anglais beer waiting. We shall greet you with fresh oysters and a crisp white wine, served slightly chilled. Max, you can come, too, of course. Meilleurs voeux!

Hakan said...

Hello Michael, Happy new year!!! Here in Spain a cold beer and then the red wine is waiting for you as well as "tapas" and and good food. You just have to apear thats it!! You are very welcome!! P.S. Please bring Mary also!!


doryman said...

Ah, yes, the Tour de Doryman! I dream of it often. Good food, good friends, good sailing, ah yes!
Meilleurs voeux to all of us!

bowsprite said...

not to be outdone! come to NYHarbor for pastrami! bagels! long island oysters! But I am very flexible. Let's all go to Europe!

doryman said...

It goes almost without saying - a visit to NY comes first. Then, by all means, let's make a real vacation of it!
BTW, I got your tea towel calendar for 2013. It's great!