Saturday, March 29, 2014

Old Shoe

That would be the Oldshoe by Phil Bolger. One of his "Square Boat" series. My friend Tom Gale is a square boat fan.

Tom sent me these photos of the maiden voyage in his new old shoe. His first impression was that she had a lot of leeway in a breeze. Here he's trying to tack to windward and miss that dock.

My first impression was that's a boat designed for utility and simplicity.
The Oldshoe has been described as a twelve foot cockpit, with the rest of the boat left off. Big, roomy and safe. Just right for Tom and his family who like to cruise Lake Powell every year.

The skipper looks pleased. I've never known Bolger's little square boats fail to bring a smile to the person at the tiller.

Thanks to Heather Gale for the photos.


Baydog said...

How can I order?

Dave Z said...

We lived aboard two larger versions of this series and loved 'em!

We substituted leeboards for the keel (being draft misers), and leeway was moderate.

Maybe consider Matt Layden style chine (and keel) runners? They're cheap and easy to add, and can only increase OLDSHOE's grip on the water.

Fair Winds!

Dave Z

doryman said...

Baydog, I believe you'd have to build one yourself - that's the whole idea, you know.

These boats sail very well off the wind and are hard to keep up with, especially for their size. As for sailing up wind, you do what our friend Dave Z does and wait for the wind to go in your direction.

I'll probably get a chance to give this boat a try next time I'm in Port Townsend (the pictures were taken on Mystery Bay). I'll be sure to report back.

Unknown said...

Oldshoe does make quite a bot of leeway, but it'll get you upwind in the end. You just need to have patience and sit back and enjoy being out on the water in such a comfortable boat. :) Not pinching up into the wind too much helps.

Elaine, an Oldshoe would make a very good boat for an occasional sailor. There are some tricks to sailing a cat yawl that they don't teach you in sailing class, but they're easy to pick up. Oldshoe is very forgiving and doesn't require constant attention. It's also gotta be the most comfortable boat under 12' anywhere. :)

I love the mizzen on my Oldshoe, Pearl! :)

"The cockpit of a 30-footer without the rest of the boat." :)