Saturday, January 3, 2015

2,000 K

My, my. It's 2015, can you believe it? We weathered the crossing, we have survived well into the 21st century. Who would have thought?

Having spent much of my life on a lee shore, it amazes me, to have lived to see this day. I thank all of you, my friends, for your love and support here on DoryMan, for the last eight years. Looking through the statistics recently, I was pleasantly surprised to find that these pages and their companion photo archives have garnered over two million visits. That's a lot of time spent together, you and I.

My best wishes go out, around the world to the DoryMan community, and for now, I leave you with
Mark Seymore and his daughter, Hannah, covering the Pogue's Lorelei.


Denis said...

Thankyou Michael, best wishes for the new year to you and yours.

bowsprite said...

how beautiful! beautiful song and lovely mingling of voices. Uplifting and joyful, thank you, Doryman! happy happy creatively streamlined 2015!!! xo christina