Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Michael Scott's Hadron Dinghy

Our friend Michael Scott, artiste extraordinaire and diehard dinghy sailor has done it again. Over this last winter he modified a Hadron open transom racing dinghy to suit his personal preferences and came up a winner.

Michael lives on the Artistic Isle of Whidbey (Whidbey Island, Washington, US). That makes him a neighbor to Doryman, because I can see Whidbey Island from here - across four miles of the often challenging Admiralty Strait.
He is a very talented artist and exceptional sailor.

I've been following his latest project, the modification of a Hadron racing dinghy. His (our) friend Brad Rice has been the shipwright on this job and recently the two of them tested the Hadron for the first time.

Michael reports that he is very pleased - chuffed - as they say in his hometown of Oxford. Here's his report:

"My boat was designed by British designer Keith Callaghan. Three of his Hadrons were built in Sequim (WA) and I acquired one that was partly finished, and have completely redesigned the interior. Lots of fun!"

"First test sail and capsize test of the Hadron/Hoot hybrid......some homework to do.....but floats level, comes up easy, handles well....thanks to Brad Rice for braving the cold waters of Lone Lake....feeling quite chuffed."

" far.....tiny bit of water remains but would soon go if we were actually moving....! It's the rig I need to work on, it's all new for me - having to pre-bend the mast to get the sail up, and adjustable battens.....much work to do.....!"
(Michael salvaged and fitted a fully battened main + mast from a Hoot dinghy.)

 Keith Callaghan has this to say about his Hadron series:
"Hadron H1 is a plywood single-hander dinghy designed in 2011,  which will fulfill the requirements of the experienced dinghy sailor who is perhaps, like myself, getting on a bit, but who nonetheless demands good performance, and without too much pain. In other words, the boat must have impeccable handling characteristics, be comfortable to sit out and to sit in, easy to right after a capsize, and of course be a joy to sail. The boat is of 4 plank plywood construction, and is specifically designed to be easy to build."

Michael's Hadron has even made the preeminent dinghy blog. You can find Rod Mincher's review on Earwigoagin

Kudos to you, Michael and thanks to Rod for making him famous! 

HADRON H1 Dinghy

LOA    4.27 meters
LOW   4.2 meters
Beam   1.95 meters
Sail Area  10 sq. meters

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