Sunday, February 25, 2018

Belle Starr in Racing Form?

Seriously? Can you imagine a full keel cruising design in a field of hard core racers? Neither can I. But there she was, out spreading her wings during the annual Shipwrights' Regatta, in Port Townsend Bay.

Yesterday dawned under heavy clouds, pouring down rain, with thunder and lightning crashing all around. It does Doryman credit that he turned over and went back to sleep.
...not for long...
The plan had been to go sailing, rain or shine. Fortunately the storm melted away with the morning and by noon, in time for the start of the Shipwrights' Regatta, the clouds peeled away to reveal a brilliant sun. The Stone Horse, Belle Starr was as delighted as her skipper. Sporting her new mainsail, she was lovely in tanbark.

And no, she did not race, sorry to disappoint. You supposed she took honors? Only points for grace and beauty. While the field duked it out in the first race of the 2018 season here in Port Townsend, we kept clear of the marks and enjoyed the break in the weather. There is more than one way to win.


Cathy Deckys said...

Gorgeous shot.

Alden Smith said...

Beautiful photo of a lovely little boat. Are the plans for a hard chine 'Stone Horse' available ??

doryman said...

Thank you, all. Alden, I doubt it. In all the years I've owned this boat, she gets a lot of attention because she is a unique wood construction Stone Horse. Several people have told me they sailed wooden Stone Horses when they were young (usually older guys from the east coast of the US). But I have yet to find another made of wood, be it plywood or otherwise.