Tuesday, May 15, 2018

MSD Rowing Skiff

As promised, here's the latest on the rowing skiff from Michael Storer. I like this little flash rowing design very much. She is sleek and light, undoubtedly fast.

The first coat of primer goes on the hull.

Turn upright and the true shape starts to show.

Very simple design, graceful lines. The bulkheads installed will become sealed floatation.

We must always have a shot of clamps. The spacers set the inwale off the hull, a useful detail allowing for tying on fenders.

The flotation seats will provide almost 600 pounds of safety.

Same shot, different view.

To be continued...........


Brandon Ford said...

Nice! I'm looking for a tow-behind larger dinghy that's fun to row.

doryman said...

This one is sixteen feet. Should easily carry three adults. Not sure until it's launched how much capacity it has, but plenty.
Do you have a place to work? Storer doesn't give any estimates, but I'd say about 100 hours for the basic boat with more for fine detailing.