Friday, November 23, 2007

Lofting: Plans for a "Banks Dory"

The layout of a vessel is "lofted" fully dimensional from a table of offsets, the mathematical "definition" of the hull's shape. In the case of a tried and true fishing vessel design, this shape is taken from centuries of proven examples. It is the builder's prerogative to enhance the basic concept to create a beautiful signature work of art. Shown here is an example from Doryman's archives (Pelorus Design) of a small rowing dory, similar to Otter for his friend Daniel. The actual plan sheet is 24"x36" and describes the various stations by the dimensions shown in yellow. The full and complete boat can be taken from this simple description. I'd be happy to share this design with anyone interested.


Clive Mercer said...

I am very interested in sharing the plan of this 12'0" "Banks Dory" for a home build project. Does the plan contain a schedule of materials, with recommendations for timber species ?
Yours sincerely.
Clive Mercer.

doryman said...

Sorry Clive, all I have for you is the sheet as shown. This boat would typically be built with 1/4 inch plywood for the sides and 1/2 inch ply for the bottom. I prefer marine grade mahogany plywood for a long lasting hull.
The finished boat is approximately 15'-6"