Monday, August 10, 2009

Canto Mediterraneo

Introducing Canto Mediterraneo. The link to the blog and web site documenting this incredible journey can be found to the left on the sidebar. Each new post to Canto Mediterraneo will show up under the heading. It promises to be a valuable lesson in human cultural exchange and you are invited to participate.

"We want to achieve closer contact with the people and the culture of the places we visit and realize a true cultural exchange."

"Canto Mediterraneo (Mediterranean Chants) is an intercultural project realized by four people from Italy, Brazil and Germany who are sailing from Venice to Turkey in the summer of 2009 to research contemporary music of the countries they visit. Local musicians that create a mix of traditional and modern music are going to be contacted and one song of their choice plus an interview will be published on this website. The objective is to tour the whole Mediterranean Sea in successive years."

"This project introduces the far reaching ambition of executing sustainable tourism journeys. Journeys that respect the nature and culture of the places visited, with the intention of achieving the most authentic knowledge possible of the countries that receive the crew members."

Doryman applauds this adventure and joins the voyage in a spirit of camaraderie.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Michael
I am starting to go to Istanbul with my boat and so, next year I will be able to return to Italy without using engine, from the North sea to Black sea trip, with the Ness Yawl, from London to Istanbul again.

Thank you again for publishing this blog. We put a lot of work on it.

I am better now Thank you

doryman said...

Giacomo, Fine, Giovanni, Rita and Patricia-
In the communal spirit of a world without borders, I salute your efforts.

Fair Winds!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much. What a joy would be to have aboard.
Hopefully it will happen one day
I wanted to mean, using no engine to Venice, in my previous post
Buon vento Michael (fair winds Michele)

doryman said...

Your meaning and mission are crystal clear, my friend. No motors, no borders, one world for all.
There is nothing I could wish more than to share your voyage. Truly a voyage ethereal. DoryMan is on board in spirit.

Anonymous said...

The Cherry 16 can go to windward well if set up right The Tasker jib looks too full. A flatter jib set at 15% is ideal, but the main has to be rigged to suit this trim. The problem is the original design was for a family cruising boat in NZ moderate/strong winds. The Australian racing version was an improvement for the relative light conditions in Victoria and was some 7$% quicker.