Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Vesper" a Flat Bottomed Schooner in New Zealand

The schooner Vesper rides at anchor in Auckland, New Zealand. A reader sent me an article about it a few weeks ago and I followed up with a note to Andy who first posted about the schooner.

Andy provides a very good overview of the history of the shipping scows of the Auckland Coast, which were similar to the one we visited here back in June. (At first he thinks this is an old commercial scow named Vesper but it turns out this one is considerably smaller.)

However, after demonstrating that the boat he found was not the scow he first thought it was, he leaves us wondering what the boat in the photos is and what about it's history?

I suggested that we post an inquiry to see if there is anyone who might know more about this Vesper, and link back to his site.

Andy says:

"Go right ahead, I'd love to find out more."

"I'm certain it was built before WWII. Its made from wide planks, probably kauri wood (which is no longer logged). I'd place it somewhere between 1930 and 1945, that's just a guess. It's construction looks quite crude and the cabins look like an after thought, to me it looks more work boat turned pleasure boat than one designed for private use from the outset."

He estimates the boat to be 35 feet long with a 12 foot beam, though it looks longer to me.

So, there it is. A Doryman boat if I've ever seen one! If any of you know more about this boat, please respond to or leave a comment at the end of this post.


Anonymous said...

I know of one built in 1937, and it was 42 feet.

doryman said...

Do you think it might be this one? Was it in the Auckland area? My guess is that 42 feet is about right.