Monday, September 30, 2013

Belle Starr

As was reported earlier, the Stone Horse, Belle Starr has proven to be an exceptional boat. And as documentation, I was recently gifted some photos taken by my good friend, John Kohnen of the Oregon Coots.

Here comes John with a boat-full of Coots now...

On Sunday, the last day of the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, tradition finds the participants on the water for a "sail-by". This year was the first time I've joined the parade in my own boat.

Here she is, all dressed up in tanbark, overtaking the MerrieEllen.

For her first weekend out in several years, Belle Starr looked pretty good. At the helm is Kirk Gresham (AKA Captain Kirk) and his crew is Doryman, shooting photos left and right.

With John's permission, I offer you a sailor's view of the worthy cutter.

People often ask me why I find a strenuous, dangerous and difficult activity like sailing so rewarding. These photos tell it all.

Not looking too bad for an old horse.

After the morning fog lifted, it was another beautiful day on Admiralty Inlet.

Thank you John!

This week will be the last of the season for Belle Starr. The storms that have pummeled the west coast are abating, so hopefully the cutter will get a few more miles under her keel, before she is hauled out for the winter. Please stay tuned!


EyeInHand said...

Looks great, Michael. You have good reason to be pleased.

Anonymous said...


Barry is right, and your smile and wave in the last photo tell a story all by themselves.

- Michael H.

doryman said...

I feel very fortunate. Many people, near and far, have assisted and supported this adventure, for which I am eternally thankful.

shipwright said...

Looks just sweet Michael. Now if you could just do something about that pointy top on the main, she'd be perfect! ...... :-)


doryman said...

That's an intriguing idea, Paul. I think a (lug main) ketch version was offered at one time. I have a sketch of it somewhere. Belle Starr does need new sails.......

Yme said...

Hi Michael

lovely boat. Think I just saw you leaving Olympia with Belle Starr on a trailer today October 5th? If that is the case travel safe.


doryman said...

Yes, Belle Starr was hauled-out today, for the season. But she hasn't left Olympia. Next spring, the plan is to launch earlier, hopefully in May, with an ambitious itinerary, which I am not at liberty to divulge at this time. For further developments, stay tuned.

Her sea trials were an unmitigated success. With minimal fine tuning, she'll be ready for anything, so that's what she'll get - the whole works. This is one of those boats where the only limitation is the skipper.

Yme said...

Cool, I thought I recognized it. Absolutely gorgeous boat. Will keep an eye on the blog for further developments. Thanks. Yme