Friday, September 13, 2013

Wooden Boat Festival 2013, Port Townsend

The maiden voyage of the Stone Horse, Belle Starr was north from Olympia, Washington to Port Townsend, Washington, on the Salish Sea. What a fabulous week!

This voyage began last Wednesday, in rain and thick fog with occasional lightning and ended yesterday in beautiful blue skies with a downwind run home.

In between was the always satisfying Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival. Three days of navigating one hundred nautical miles northward by GPS, with hardly a sight of land, culminated in glorious skies Friday, as Belle Starr set anchor off the Port Townsend wharf.

The festivities had already begun and spirits were high with anticipation of a fine weekend. Belle Starr proved to be in good shape, with few problems and performed as her pedigree predicted. We tried all potential sail combinations and discovered a few rigging shortcomings, but nothing to put a damper on the fun.

Doryman has friends in high places (lucky man) and soon after arrival, Belle Starr was invited to tie-up at the dock inside the Basin and join the Festival, even though that was not her intention. She elected to stay outside, at anchor, the better to spread her wings at a moments notice.

You will discover, therefore, most photos in the Doryman archives are on the water, under full canvas. Shooting while handling a sailboat is not ideal for photography, though looking through the photos might give you the feeling of being there. (That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.)

Event Photos:
Doryman's Flickr site
Northwest Maritime Center (facebook)
Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding (facebook)

Thanks to all my good friends for making this a week to remember (you know who you are). Doryman is fortunate indeed, to be a member of such a stellar tribe.

Your happy skipper

Belle Starr on Marristone Island. A happy boat.

  Sleeping Seals on Eagle Island from doryman on Vimeo.


Scott said...

It was great seeing you and getting to talk Friday in front of town when I went rowing through the anchorage. What a wonderful surprise to see you there!


doryman said...

Anchoring out was a lot of fun. Had a lot of visitors and made some new friends. Thanks for stopping by, Scott and taking the time for a long visit.

See you soon!

Joel Bergen said...

I love those Sleeping Seals on Eagle Island. Looks a lot like my living room after Thanksgiving dinner!

doryman said...

I've been wondering what they reminded me of. They were grunting and belching all night long, pretty happy I'd say.

Did you come to the show Joel? Didn't see you...

Joel Bergen said...

No it was my daughter's wedding on saturday. It was fantastic!

Unknown said...

Belle Starr is an absolutely beautiful boat.

doryman said...

Now I remember. Congratulations to her!

Yes she is - very aptly put. She had her share of attention at the Fest, too.

Bruce B said...

Who is that guy running the motor on Belle Star? Will my reputation as a sail and oar guy be ruined?

It was fun sailing with you too!


doryman said...

Your reputation is no worse for wear. My treat.
We won't tell about nearly going aground and later almost demolishing your boat against a piling. Oh, yeah - I was at the helm by then...