Sunday, November 11, 2007

The skiff Paku

The skiff Paku is a Pete Culler design lapstrake pulling boat, another variation of the traditional fishing vessel. Light on it's skeg, nimble in a wave, the Culler skiff accommodates a three person team of rowers, yet is easy to maneuver by a single adept. !8 feet of length and a beam of five feet make her a stable sailing vessel.
Doryman acquired Paku in a neglected state and has restored her some dignity. She was designed with a sailing rig, which was never completed or has been lost. A mast and sail will be added this winter as a full compliment to her grace and beauty.


Unknown said...

Being interested in wooden boats and anguishing over what to build next, I came across your blog.
Your background photo at the top of the blog of the dory caught my eye. Very nice. What design is it?
Please and thank you.

doryman said...

The header photo is an Ed Davis designed North Shore dory. There is a post about Sparrow on this blog: