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Uncle Gabe's Flattie Skiff
Sam Rabl, building boats in the backyard

Building Doryman's cruising dory Mistral
A 36' sailing dory designed and built by
the industrious Doryman.

Back Porch Boat (Tolman Skiff)

 Enterprise Racing Dinghy
A Doryman restoration

Restoring Thistle #16  Thistle Racing Class  

Ash Breeze ; Traditional Small Craft Association
Bruno Porto, Giacomo de Stefano
Slacktide, Triloboats

Venetian family transportation

Eun Na Mara
Iain Oughtred

Cherry 16
Frank Pelin Sailing Dory

Traditional Venetian  fishing vessel

Kayaks of Greenland
Harvey Golden

Cosine Wherry
John A. Hartsock

Rangeley Lakes Boat
Susan Van Leuven; wood strip boat construction

Nord Vinden
Canoe Yawl

Doryman designed rowing skiff

Ness Yawl on the Po River
Giacomo de Stefano

El Toro
MacGregor Sabot

Beth; The Kamakaze Canoe Yawl
Michael Storer

Pacific City Dory Fishery

Sam Rabl, designer.

Phil Bolger

Building the Iain Oughtred Ness Yawl
Chuck Gottfried's Selkie

Eider, by Sam Devlin

Hardangersjekte, by William Atkin
The Atkin Valgerda design, Doryman's own Saga,
a Norse inspired faering.

Building a John Gardner Banks Dory 
Doryman teaches high school students how to build a dory.

Launching the Banks Dory

 A Doryman's Legacy
Doryman's Day by R. Berry Fisher
Book Review

The Old Man and the Sea
1997 film by Alexander Petrov of Prechistoe, Russia

Portuguese Cod Fishing with Banks Dories
A film about Portuguese cod fishermen.


Scottish Coastal Rowing Project
The St Alyes Skiff by Iain Oughtred. Community Boatbuilding

Man on the River
North Sea to Black Sea with Giacomo de Stefano
From London to Istanbul in a Ness Yawl, by sail and oar.

Depoe Bay Wooden Boat Show and Crab Feed
Depoe Bay, Oregon

Romilly by Nigel Irens
Cold molded yawl rigged lugger.


Toledo Wooden Boat Show
Toledo, Oregon

Building the Matinicus Double-ender

Sucia Island Rendezvous
Gunkholing in the San Juan Islands, Washington State.

Ash Breeze
Journal of the Traditional Small Craft Association

Footloose Skiff; Pickle
Design by Warren Jordan
Built by Lou Brochetti
Skipper, John Kohnen

Old Sailing Peapod; Lizzie
Built by Bryan Beachy

Paul Gartside's Ila

Paul Gartside Dinghy, Riff

St Pierre Dory

Silent Maid
A gaff rigged catboat built by Workshop on the Water

Man on the River; North Sea to Black Sea
Giacomo de Stefano's trip from London to Istanbul
by sail and oar, in an Iain Oughtred Ness Yawl.

Caledonia Yawl
Iain Oughtred

Reef Nettles 
Mistral's new mainsail

Sabini of Okinawa
Douglas Brooks traditional boats of Japan

Doryman's Boatyard
Boat building and restoration on the Oregon coast,
in my own shop.

Core Sound 17
A bermudian cat ketch owned by Randy Jones

Canto Mediterraneo
Cultural exchange on the yacht SV Brancaleon
with Fine, Bruno and crew.
From Venice to Istanbul.

Yaquina River
Doryman's home port. This link takes you
to many on the water adventures, stories and photos
from the life of Doryman.

Fort Worden Small Craft Messabout
Posts relating to gatherings of the Traditional Small
Craft Association at Fort Worden, Port Townsend,
Washington State. Mucho photos!

The Wherry Yawlboat from Pete Culler
A lovely lapstrake tender from Capt. Pete
named Lamb Chop.

Ed Davis Tropic Bird; Sparrow
19’ Clinker Built, Double Ended North Shore Dory.

Old Town Freight Canoe
A restoration by Doryman

A nesting dinghy designed by Danny Greene.
One of the all-time favorites on the Doryman blog.
Built by Martin Schneider.

Concordia Sloop, Feather
Designer, Pete Culler
Skipper, Glenn Woodbury

Doryman's Melonseed
A new design from the board of Doryman,
based on the Jersey Skiff. Built in his own shop.

Dunderdale Pearl
A new build by Ralph Merriman

Wemyss Skiff
Designed by Iain Oughtred

Rosie Splashes in Portland, Oregon
The first St Ayles Skiff in the US, built by a team of women
from Portland.

Bill Garden Canoe Yawl, Eel

Building the Rebelo
A traditional Portuguese transport vessel,
built by hand and by eye.

Atchafalaya Basin Piroque
Cajun boat.

John Welsford's Penguin Yawl
A mini-yacht built by Phil Rossignol.

The Cedar Dugout Canoe, Vagabundo
In 1962, Charless Fowlkes took his dog on a
150 mile cruise in an old dugout cedar canoe...

Making Spoon Oars
by John Delapp
These oars stand close comparison with the best of them.
At a fraction of the cost. From Doryman's shop.

Building a Rowing Shell
A new design from Doryman... to be continued
(see following link)

Yaquina Rowing Shell, epilogue
 fast, pretty and dangerous
(Doryman takes a dunking)

John Welsford's Scamp
The prototype of Scamp hits the water in Port Townsend.

Townsend Tern
A new design from Kees Prins for
Kathy and Chelcie Liu in Port Townsend

Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festivals
Port Townsend, Washington State

Crystal River Scow, USS Wartappo
The USS Wartappo was used by the
East Gulf Coast Blockading Squadron
along the Crystal River shore in Florida,
during the US civil war.

Star Olympic Class
The Star became an Olympic racing class in 1932.
This beautiful old Star was restored by Doryman.

The videos of Jan Eerala
Jan Eerala, Makholma Finland. On Vimeo.

Ken Basset Firefly, Finesse
This is a timeless design. Easy to row, very responsive,
stable in a bit of choppy water, she's a true thoroughbred.

Chevalet de Marqueterie
The marquetry donkey or marquetry horse was known
in 18th century France as Chevalet de Marqueterie.
A visit with Paul Miller of  Cowichan Bay.

Oseberg Viking Ship Replica
The Oseberg Ship is built entirely of cleft and hewn oak,
 no saws are used.

Dead Eye
Deadeye, marlinspike, rigging

Toledo, Oregon, Boathouse
The Port of Toledo's Community Boathouse Project.

Potomac River Dory Restoration
A 1931 Potomac River Dory, built by
Francis Raymond Hayden in Banks O’Dee, MD

Stone Horse, Belle Starr
A design by Sam Crocker, built in plywood.
By Scott Hauser of Hauser Boatworks, Olympia, WA
A restoration by Doryman.

Alaska Dory Fishing
A dory by Grunwald of Aeolus Boatworks in Davenport, CA.
To the lines of the Higgins and Gifford Dory in
Chappelle's American Small Sailing Craft.”

John Welsford's Rogue
Scott Marckx's Lagniappe.

César et son fils Canot D'Ecorce
Building a birch bark canoe.
A film by Bernard Gosselin.

Dragon Harald Fairhair
The largest Viking ship built in modern times.

Alfred Johnson's Centennial
A crossing of the Atlantic from west to east
 in a twenty foot dory.
The first single-handed crossing of the Atlantic

Wind and Oar Boat School
Portland, Oregon

Bristol Channel Cutter, Baggywrinkle

The Small Boat from Gokstad, Freydis Joanna
Hanus Jensen presents the Gokstad Boat

The Everglades Challenge

Bristol Bay Gillnetter
Salmon fishing boat restoration
by Doryman


Felicity Ann 

Polaris, A design by Sam Rabl

Sam Devlin's Egret

Port Townsend Pocket Yachters Boat Show

Heritage 23 Mackinaw Boat

The Dory Schooner, Hestur
Jay Benford Badger dory.
Built by Dan and Charlotte on the
Loch Broom near Ullapool, Scotland.

Kees Prins and Fetch
Fetch is an Iain Oughtred Fulmar Dinghy

 Northern Reach
Chris Duff

Lunenburg Dory
A restoration by Jim Ballou

Barkley Sound by Sail and Oar

A Swampscott Dory in Auckland New Zealand


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you can help but I am interested in buying a boat capable of fishing off Pacific City Dory beach. Is the 1986 Wooldridge 21 Classic Jet Sled....an appropriate boat for this application?

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doryman said...

I don't know - you got me on that one.