Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First Launch

An exciting day for Doryman as Mistral is lowered into the water for the first time. Since she is designed and built solely by Doryman, there is a fair amount of trepidation and anxiety about how this will turn out! Any boat builder will tell you that seeing their creation float for the first time is a huge relief!
Note the outboard in the motor well. Mistral's auxiliary power is a 9.9 hp Mercury "Sail Power". This is a small motor for a 36 foot, 5 ton vessel, but the hull shape is a very efficient one, and Mistral will make an honest five knots with this motor at two thirds power.


Anonymous said...

Micheal , that is quite a cool dory .


doryman said...

Thank you, J! I certainly think so and the process has been as much fun as work.