Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mistral gets her mast and rigging

"On the hard", Mistral is rigged for sail. The mast is set in a tabernacle on the leading edge of the main cabin and can be raised and lowered as needed. The lowered mast rests in a cradle on the stern of the boat. This picture was taken during Mistral's haul-out, the summer of 2007.
I call this design the "Pemaquid" after the promontory in Maine, the area where the successful design used in this boat was developed for the cod fishery. Dories were lowered from larger boats and propelled by one or two fishermen, at their oars, over the schools of cod on the Great Banks.
The sail rig is more the skipjack type with a very low aspect ratio. With a long boom and a full keel she will be slow in stays, but sea worthy as a Stormy Petrel.

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