Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Civilization Revisited

In 1792 while surveying the coast of what was to become Alaska, the famous Captain George Vancouver noted:
“And I am extremely concerned to be compelled to state here, that many of the traders from the civilized world have not only pursued a line of conduct, diametrically opposite to the true principles of justice in their commercial dealings, but have fomented discords, and stirred up contentions, between different tribes, in order to increase the demand for these destructive engines. They have been likewise eager to instruct the natives in the use of European arms of all descriptions, and have shewn by their own example, that they consider gain as the only object of pursuit; and whether this be acquired by fair and honorable means, or otherwise, so long as the advantage is secured, the manner how it is obtained seems to have been, with too many of them, but a very secondary consideration.”
A Voyage of Discovery

Over 200 years later nothing has changed, in that regard. How long will it take?

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