Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dorying: a verb

What does it mean to dory? To glide effortlessly through any condition. To ride storms and calm with equal ease. To embody beauty, simplicity and rugged functionality simultaneously. To dory is a philosophy, if you will, a metaphor. If I am riding a rough sea, or a tumultuous rocky rapids, or coasting effortlessly on a mirror pond, I trust to the instincts of my doried nature to carry me safely.
The dory (noun) is one of the oldest known human conveyances. And they are every bit as useful today as they have ever been. Hammers and chisels made of stone fell out of fashion a long time ago, but the dory remains a viable tool because it embodies the human spirit, transcending cultural boundaries. You will find a variation of the working dory in the history of almost any waterborne culture of the world.

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