Monday, February 23, 2009

Wintering Over

The bateau out in the studio is coming along slowly, and the reason is rabbits. Yes, you hear right, rabbits. For the last two weeks Doryman has been building a rabbit hutch to hold seven new pals. These are Angora rabbits, renowned for their fur, not the food kind. In fact, once you get to know these furry beasts, they can be too much fun. You can find out all you ever needed to know about these luxury lagomorphs at Mary's Fiber Aventures

But what about the boats? When will we hear about more boats?

Be patient, it's the weather. Torrential rains, humidity in the high nineties. Temperatures in the forties. No boat building weather at the moment... in fact, building rabbit hutches hasn't been too much fun either. The critters need protection from the elements though, right? Spoiled rabbits! Soggy Doryman.

Just arrived in the mail, some adventures in literature. This winter the theme is exploration. Of the sailing type, of course.

After all, it is the
Voyage Ethereal.

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