Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dory Fleet at Pacific City

With its smooth sandy beach, the town of Pacific City, on the coast of Oregon's Tillamook County, is home for a unique group of boats. The Pacific City dory fleet has a proud history spanning more than 100 years. In the natural shelter of Cape Kiwanda, the fleet lives on today as one of the historical fishing fleets of the world. The flat-bottomed dories launch through the surf headed for the waters of the Pacific. At day's end they surf the waves back to shore and slide onto the beach. Through the challenges of ocean fishing, government restrictions, international fishing competition, and most recently, the influx of civilization, the dedicated fishermen have held on to tradition.

"The Dory Fleet of Pacific City"
(Images of America)
by Jeanna R Bottenberg

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I want to know about Walt Fisher.