Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kayaking the Mary's River

This morning I heard from my friend Greg (remember the story of the El Toro?). He's had a recent adventure running downstream on the spring overflow of a local river that runs near his house. The Mary's River is small and thus shallow in the summer months. In early spring, however the water level is high enough to cover the rocks and it's a rowdy ride! The spring foliage is just starting to show nicely, too...

Wish I'd been there, but this is the best we can do. Greg has a humorous way with a story, so he'll share his trip with us:

"Here's a virtual Mary's River trip. I always end up being the group photographer on these trips, and it sure adds another element of excitement as I hold paddle and camera going through fast moving water. Should have used the spray skirt, or maybe a lap cover of plastic and a big sponge!"

"These kayaks just don't have much for a bow when you're talking about plunging into foot and a half waves! I almost bought the farm at a point that has given me trouble before, so I'm going to etch that scene in my mind and go a different way from here on. Getting caught cross-wise to the current is no bueno."

"All in all, another incredible gift of a day of moments in the sun with water and friends."

Thanks Greg for risking your life for these photos!

That's a great picture of the covered bridge. And it's obvious everyone had fun!

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