Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Farewell Phil

Phil Bolger favored simplicity. Many of his hulls are made from plywood and are hard-chined, boats that are intended to be built by amateurs, of commonly available materials. Bolger was also an expert in the design of the sharpie sailboat type and advocated the use of traditional sailing rigs and leeboards.

Pictured above, Phil Bolger and Susanne Altenburger, designed boats as Phil Bolger & Friends. Most recently, they worked on the design of fuel efficient boats for the fishing industry. They also participated in a military commission to design more effective landing craft.

He was a prolific writer, his last book, Boats with an Open Mind, and many magazine articles explore his unique take on small craft design.
My personal favorite is 100 Small Boat Rigs, which demonstrates not only Phil's expansive knowledge of sailing history and sail design, but a keen sense of humor.

In July I will be participating in a RAID as crew on a Bolger designed Chebacco. As fitting a commemoration to the man as I can think of.

We will remember Phil Bolger.

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Buon vento Phil