Tuesday, June 9, 2009

At the Boatyard

Especially at haul-out time, Doryman thinks Mistral is a big boat (36 feet). Wouldn't want to sand and paint anything bigger!

But look at this! A sail rigged Skookum fishing vessel of a mere 53 feet. (That's Mistral in the shadows... each with new bottom paint.)

On the other side of the yard is this beauty. This is not an old boat, but a new design under construction. There must be a story there somewhere, (hmmm?!)


Mike said...

Wow! She is pretty.

doryman said...

I assume you mean the schooner. I'll find out more about this boat, soon I hope. It's owned by Steve Webster, the owner of the Riverbend boatyard. Steve is a boat builder from way back and has a very good eye. He is the one responsible for my Culler skiff, "Paku" built thirty years ago.

Bursledon Blogger said...

the new build is looks really nice - presume that's Steve Webster's - look forward to hearing more

Glenn said...

Culler design. I think it's his pungy schooner.


doryman said...

I think you are right. Steve (the owner of the yard and builder of the boat) is a long time Culler fan. I haven't had time to interview Steve about this boat, but it's on my list. What I have heard so far is a heart break -- apparently Steve built this boat from Douglas Fir boards taken from the salvage of a large burned forest (the Tillamook Burn in western Oregon) and some of the wood, particularly in the stern where ventilation was restricted, rotted quickly. The boat sits with it's transom open waiting for someone to love it. Makes me wish I had the time and money, I'd offer Steve something for this gem.

doryman said...

I talked with Steve briefly about his schooner a few days ago. He is reluctant to discuss it, for good reason. He has a lot invested in this fine little ship, time money and love. The wood used in the backbone of the boat has deteriorated to the point of complete loss. Not an impossible fix, but VERY difficult. Steve would sell the boat (at a very good price, I imagine) to the right person, if that person was a reputable soul who would make it right. He said that recently he had an offer from a "yahoo" - his concern seems to be getting embroiled in a fiasco with someone who's dreams are bigger than their ability.
I think he'd pass the boat on to me, since I have a pretty good reputation for good work around here, but I don't have the resources for such an undertaking, though, believe me, I think about it all the time!