Saturday, June 6, 2009

An Oughtred Eun Na Mara in Venice

Just launched in Venice! An Eun Na Mara christened Takatani; designed by Iain Oughtred and built by Roland Poltock. (That's Roland with the champagne).

Roland is the same Master Shipwright who built the Ness Yawl (another Ian Oughtred design) my friend Giacomo sailed the Po River with last year, which was featured here a couple months ago. This boat is for Giacomo's father Giuseppe De Stefano.

Giuseppe is 78 and taking up sailing for the first time. He's chosen a very fine boat, beautifully crafted by a true artist. He's a lucky man!

The boat is equipped with an ASMO 6 Kw electric engine. Smooth and quiet, not to mention astonishing power and torque. Takatani will be rigged and with tanbark sails made by Ombra Renzini e Daniela Cometti.

A serene solution to the water taxi noise and waves in Venice.

Giacomo would like to thank Iain, Roland and the Vento di Venezia staff (who did the technical and electrical work).

And we would like to thank Giacomo for sharing his family's good fortune. We are all richer when the world is graced with such beauty.

Please note in the foreground of the photo to the right, along side Takatani, a Pellestrina tradition - the exquisite Sanpierotta.

The simple and beautiful Takatani is a pocket cruising canoe-yawl. A very seaworthy shallow draft double ended boat with a gaff main and mizzen plus a moderate jib mounted on a bowsprit.

The cockpit on this boat, as can be seen from the photos, has plenty of working room for a couple of crew and even some passengers.

The Eu Na Mara is a firm bilged boat in Iain's style, with full after sections to provide sufficient buoyancy for crew. Fixed ballast is a lead keel with steel bilge boards.

My friend Chuck thinks this is a Doryman boat and I have to admit, he has a point!

Length 19' 9"(6m)
Beam 6' 8"(2m)
Draft 18"(.45m) plate up 36"(.9m) plate down
Weight 680 kg
Sail Area 240 sq ft.(22.3 sq m)

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