Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sailing New England

Are you interested in the Ness Yawl, by Iain Oughtred?
How about the Jersey Beach Skiff, by Howard Chapelle?
Or Nat Herreshoff's Coquina?
Pete Culler's Kingston Lobster Boat is another tempting design.

And one of my personal favorites, Iain's MacGregor Canoe.

Then you should visit the New England Wooden Boat Gallery.

Tons of fun!


Anonymous said...

That's not actually a Crocker Compass on the Sailing-New-England website. Instead, it's a picture taken in 2004 by John Kohnen up at Port Townsend of an X-Dory named "Chesuki", designed by Charles Mower. See his page at on which John has three pictures of "Chesuki". The second is what the S-N-E site misidentifies as a Crocker Compass and fails to attribute to John.

Michael Hayden

doryman said...

Mr Hayden!
Good to hear from you!
That Doryman needs to get better fact checkers... If I understand correctly, the Sailing New England site is made up of contributions, kind of a wikipedia for boats.
To avoid confusion, I'll link to a different boat, there are lots of good ones to chose.
I know John and he is generous with his photography, but likes very much to get credit.
Thanks for keeping track of me. By the way, do you have any suggestions for future posts?