Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sam Devlin's (first?) " Egret"

My friend Jim was good enough to pass on a great project this spring. He'd spent a few months restoring this Sam Devlin designed Egret and decided he wasn't really a sailor and wanted to concentrate on his rowing boats.
Which makes me the lucky one! Jim has generously donated this Egret to the Doryman boatyard. He has completed most of the hull repairs and left me the finish work.

Sam apparently built this particular boat about thirty years ago. His trademark "stitch and glue" style is in effect and this boat is a testament to the durability of that method. Sam says this was his first design and remains one of the most popular designs he sells today.

Sam says this about his Egret:

"As a sailboat, the Egret is stable and quick. Up to four adults with gear can enjoy a day of sailing in comfort. The 75 sq. ft. spirit sail rig provides plenty of sail area to drive the hull. Though the Egret has double rowing stations, it is easily rowed by a single oarsman. For two oarsmen, the Egret is great fun and good transportation."

"An offset outboard well is offered, and we have found it to have no vices in handling. Egret was my first design and she now has sisters a-plenty. For a variety of uses and conditions, Egret has a lot to offer."

Length 15' 2"
Beam 4' 10"
Draft 7" (board up) 4' 2" (board down)
Weight 235 lbs
Sail area 75 sq ft
Max. Load 690 lbs

What a great daysailer for protected waters such as the many lakes found here in Oregon! Light enough to tow behind a small car, the Egret could provide many hours of easy sailing and effortless handling in the summer sun.

She currently has no centerboard but a deep, full length keel. I will probably add a centerboard trunk and a drop board to improve windward performance.

There is an articulating rudder out in the shop that will work nicely on a boat this size. Jim's gift included a mast and a balanced lug sail, so all I have to do is make up a yard and a boom. I hope Sam doesn't object to this small design change!

I intend to complete this Egret with a small foredeck and side decks wide enough to sit on.


Ronnie said...

Do you have any new pics of progress on the Devlin Egret?

The picture of the unpainted hull is my Egret. Here is a link to my updated progress.

doryman said...

Happy to have you aboard! I was happy to find your site because I want to add a centerboard to my Egret and your pictures are very clear about how you did that.
I have several boat projects underway, so the Egret has been pushed back to a winter project. It is set up and ready to go, in fact I was looking at it yesterday and dreaming.
I want to add decks to her, also and hope to have enough room to do some overnight camping under a small foredeck, with a boom tent.
If you'd like, please contact me directly at: mbogoger(at)

Anonymous said...

Yow Michael, how did I miss this? Excited to see your Egret sail. The little KT was a 1-week spring break project in the early 1990s. She sails yet, but now needs much finish work. Mods include a dagger board.


Or some of John K's photos.

Woohoo --Wes

doryman said...

Welcome aboard, Wes! Can we get the full story behind KT?

J R Krevans Jr said...

I built an Egret in my basement last winter and successfully got it up the bulkhead stairs-tight. Built hull strictly to plans except put in side seats in the stern and floatation- self righting actually. Extra layer of fiberglass on the bottom and about 20 lbs of steel on the white oak keels to protect in Maine groundings. Very seaworthy, beautiful, and zero-put the tiller down and pour a cup of coffee helm. I am building a 105 sq ft standing lug to try as she sails a bit slow when the wind is under 8 kts and there are two aboard.

doryman said...

Now you've done it! My poor Egret has slipped to the end of a long boat rehab list but, feeling guilty already, I'll have to get her done. Soon.

Congratulations on a successful launch!

Ronnie said...

Launched my Egret also on April 2nd.. Was good to finally get it out. Launch and construction pictures are available at this link..


doryman said...

She rides higher in the water than I thought.
Sure would like to see some pictures under sail.