Sunday, July 5, 2009

Iain Oughtred's Tammie Norrie

If you are interested in the build of the Ian Oughtred designed Tammie Norrie (a puffin or razorbill in Scotland), here are two blogs which detail the efforts of home builders.
In the first blog Sean has elected to use a pre-cut hull kit which supplies the plywood parts.

In the second blog, Alan also builds Tammie Norrie with a kit from Jordan Boats and posts the record of building the Richards family boat as "a thing of beauty".
Alan is quite a philosopher.

Thanks to Jordan Boats for these informative links!.


Anonymous said...

I arrived here by searching for "tammie norrie". Just to let you know, it's actually a puffin, not a seagull.

doryman said...

Thank you for the correction.