Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ash Breeze

The Fall issue of the journal of the TSCA arrived in my mail box this week. I read the darn thing on my way into the house --- What a great magazine!

In this issue: the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Festival and the Michigan Classic Boat Festival.

Also some wonderful digital illustrations drawn for the Florida Maritime Museum at Cortez documenting samples of shallow draft boats historically used in the state, like the sharpie Egret and the West Palm Beach Sharpie Schooner. These illustrations are available as note cards and postcards by contacting the artist (Irwin Schuster) at as a fund raiser for the museum.

Another highlight features pictures from the 2009 Petaluma River Row. Some great classic rowing craft!

Articles for the Ash Breeze are submitted by members and feature photos taken by enthusiasts like yourself. Just like getting a report from a friend. I'd recommend joining the TSCA today, if you haven't already, and get your own Ash Breeze with your morning coffee four times a year!

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