Thursday, September 3, 2009

Canto Mediterraneo II

From Venice to Istanbul. The music of the waves, the music of the world. A language we all understand.

Voyages on Brancaleon
from Italy to Croatia.
With Bruno Porto from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as skipper........

Bruno's Log; August 13th, 2009:

"Against light airs, we move slowly. The night comes fast and I take turns with Giovanni at the helm. On the horizon, small storms form and at four in the morning we are in the grip of a full gale. We were already down the coast of Istria and we have to move away from shore for the lack of visibility. Lots of rain, wind around 35 knots with lightning everywhere. Suddenly, a scare! At the moment a ray falls relatively close to the boat, I take a strong shock via the helm! At the moment I do not understand why and I do not know what to do. The wind is with us still and dropping the helm does not seem a good option. But to keep holding, all wet, in the middle of those flashes, a piece of metal that had just given me a shock ... did not seem a good alternative! Trying to understand why, I realize that the whole system from the helm to the rudder shaft in the water is of metal. I'm holding a piece of metal that is grounded in the water in the middle of a thunderstorm. SHIT! I am a little fuck! Luckily the storm passes soon. And isolating the helm goes to the list of things to be resolved urgently."

Translated from Bruno's Portuguese by Doryman.

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