Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Old Town Freight Canoe

The work on this old canoe is progressing slowly. An interesting thing happens when working on a highly detailed project.
After days and weeks of scraping and sanding, pounds of paint material have been removed from between each of many frames inside the canoe, but to me the change has happened over many months and thus nearly indiscernible.

At first the interior was a dark brown and underneath was a layer of gray over a layer of old varnish. The result of all that sanding and scraping can be seen here.

When several coats of epoxy and varnish had been applied, the new shear guard was bent on. I used an African species of mahogany called Oboto which is beautiful, but rigid for this application and gave some resistance.

A bit of persuasion with a satisfying result, don't you agree?

The layers of glue on those clamps attest to their value in this man's shop!

The outside of the hull had been recovered with fiberglass years ago, and has been fared and painted. One more coat will finish the job and the final new color will be green, in keeping with Old Town tradition.


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