Saturday, November 7, 2009

Huis clos sous les étoiles

Two of my heroes, Emmanuel and Maximilien Berque made an incredible voyage six years ago (when they were 53), crossing the Atlantic in a small outrigger canoe. Without documents or instruments they made a precise landfall after a month at sea.

I return to these incredible men for inspiration.

"A long time before Columbus or even the Vikings, about 3000 years ago, there were the Phoenicians and the Greeks in the Mediterranean and the Maoris in the Pacific who had been everywhere in the Pacific. How did they navigate without compass ? We have always been of the opinion that in life, it is not enough to read history or adventure books. There comes a moment when we wonder how we ourselves would compare to these fabulous heroes from the past..."

The Berque's contributed the story of this voyage to Duckworks magazine. (Thank you, Chuck, Sandra, Emmanuel and Maxim).


Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful minds.
Less is more

Thank you

doryman said...

I knew you would appreciate these men. They are exceptional and show us the value of perseverance coupled with the strength of human mind and spirit.
As you know, 28 days in a small boat is no mean feat!