Thursday, November 5, 2009

River Ramble

Today a strong Pacific Ocean storm system is building outside the window, with lashing wind and rain and a forecast of winds of 50 mph.
But yesterday was sunny, warm and a very pleasant time for a run on my favorite river. Extreme tides provided us with currents up to three knots, which made paddling easy.

Bob brought his home built CLC kayak. Lew has a well equipped, nibble production kayak and Jim paddled his expedition canoe. Doryman rowed his bateau.

Little can be said to expound on the pictures...

Bob has a GPS mounted on his kayak, so now I know we rowed 6.7KM. He says he was trying for 7 knots at one point, but 6.5 was about the best he could do.

The semi-diurnal tidal range varies in a two week cycle. Around the new and full moon, when the Sun, Moon and Earth are in alignment, is a condition the Greeks called syzygos and which we term syzygial.

Syzygy, then, creates a stronger tidal force due to the Sun's gravitation reinforcing the Moon's. The tide's range is then at its maximum and is called a spring tide, or simply, springs.

Spring tide, coupled with river current equal a fun ride. December and January have the highest tide ranges and the most rain run-off around here, so expect more river running soon.

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