Friday, February 5, 2010

Building the Matinicus Double-ender - Part 4

Late last year we heard about Jim's Matinicus double-ender, a variation on the Maine peapod. This lapstrake planked double-ender is coming along nicely and Jim does a very good job of describing his process. If you spend a few minutes with him, you will not be disappointed.

He can be found at Small Craft Warning.

Keep up the good work, Jim!

(and thank you, bonnie for the heads-up!)


bonnie said...

You're welcome!

I am really looking forward to seeing her on the bay.

Poor Cricket - she's going to have a little competition for "prettiest boat in the bay" now!

doryman said...

Surely there's room at the top?!

What else do you know about "Cricket"?
Inquiring minds...

Jimbo said...

Thanks Michael and Bonnie. I'm looking forward to seeing her right side up!

Cricket is a stretched Windward 15 that I finished building a few years ago. She has camp cruised the Chesapeake, and sailed up in Maine at "Small Reach".

doryman said...

Well then; it's not really a contest if the contenders are the same guy!

Of course a builder will improve on past performance and I think in this instance it's obvious that Jim has the experience and knowledge to put together a work of art.

Thank you, Jim, for allowing us to follow your progress.