Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Man on the River

The latest video from Giacomo de Stefano shows tremendous progress on the Ness Yawl being built for his upcoming trip through Europe. After many months of working toward this goal, it must be thrilling to finally see the project pulling together.
Roland, Silvio and friends are working hard!

You can watch the build live via web cam. The Lago lobby where the boat is being built is in Italy, so those (like me) who live on the other side of the world have to get up very early to see any action. This is a unique opportunity to see a quality boat built by professionals live, simultaneously, over the entire planet.

Thank you Giacomo and team!

A list of links for Giacomo's efforts to help bring the plight of the world's rivers and seas to the attention of all of us:
Ness Yawl on the Po River
Canto Mediterraneo (there is a lot here, look diligently and keep your translator handy - posts are in English, Italian and Portugese.)
Canto Mediterraneo (on DoryMan)
Ness Yawl on the Po River (on DoryMan)

...more about Iain Oughtred's Ness Yawl and open boat cruising.

North Sea to Black Sea is Giacomo's new challenge. He will row and sail from London to Istanbul by going up the Rhine and down the Danube with the aim of making people aware of these rivers that are dying, and to show the possibility of living in a way that is both light and slow.


Thomas Armstrong said...

Michael, have you ever seen this kind of shimmed clamp before? They look to be low tech and not too much work to get out. Maybe a closer look, with some comment from Roland would be useful for home builders.

doryman said...

Roland has made a very elegant version of this simple clamp, which is an invention of Iain's, if I'm not mistaken.
My good friend Chuck built a Ness Yawl and used a similar clamp for the laps. His story about building Selkie was documented here a few months back.

doryman said...

Giacomo puts up more every day on his Man on the River site. Today I was looking at his Flicker uploads and there are some very good shots of the building process for this boat and close-ups of the tools used.

Man on the river said...

Thank you Michael, as usual you help me so much in sharing our project, and thank you Thomas.
I will talk to Roland on monday. I will send you some closer pics. Yes, Michael is right, it's a Iain idea. If you put some strings it plays too..

We want to finish the boat before the 10th of March.
Very hard!!

A big hug
Are you still sailing Mistral,.. the weather?