Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Path of Wisdom

A couple weeks ago I was delighted to have been contacted by Robert Ditterich of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Rob is the author of a new blog called what was the middle thing?

The Buddha describes the middle way as a path of moderation between the extremes of sensual indulgence and self-mortification … the path of wisdom. The middle path does not mean a midpoint in a straight line joining two extremes, it represents a high middle point, like the apex of a triangle. Thus, the high middle point is more value filled than mere compromise.

I’m not sure this is what Rob meant, but I’d like to think so and this is why:

“I think the trick in building [boats] is to love the minor goals. If you were hell-bent on achieving the finished product you’d be better off buying a boat. Some amateurs become really hung up on achieving perfection, but I’d rather try for an object that seems lively, relaxed and handmade…the hope is that the joy of building will add a certain depth, or another dimension to the joy of using.”

Well said, Rob!

If you come to know Robert you will find a person rich in diverse interests and talents, from solar house design to boat building, to violin making. He’s a fine writer too, so be sure to visit him soon.

He has written an article for Duckworks on building his Waller 18 daysailer.

And his current project is to build a Welsford Navigator.

A very prolific man and a wonderful craftsman as can be seen by these bronze hand planes he made for his violin work. Meeting Rob has been an inspiration and I thank him for it!


Brandon Ford said...

Great post! Thanks for introducing me, yet again, to another great blog.


doryman said...

The world is full of exceptional people.