Monday, June 21, 2010

Mistral For Sale

The magnificent dory cruiser Mistral is for sale. Such a sad day for Doryman. Hopefully someone worthy of this fine vessel will come forth.

Photos on Flickr, and commentary on doryman.


robert.ditterich said...

She was such a big , lovely commitment. Sorry it has come to this, but letting go will most certainly generate some creative juices before long, I'm sure.

doryman said...

Rob you are so spot-on! Of course there are always ideas spawning, which is why I've run out of room to work! Something has to give, so I've decided to offer up some of my favorites.
I honestly don't expect much to come of this, even at a give away price. Things are pretty tight around here and folks aren't spending money on anything. If she doesn't sell this summer, I'll probably have to haul her home to save moorage costs, which will be a huge project in itself.

bonnie said...

ouch. sorry. wish I had 10K and lived on the coast with the properly designed sunsets.

doryman said...

Mistral is used to her sunsets, it's true. But she also has the trailer for a cross country haul.
She'd look great with a kayak on the fordeck!