Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Traditional Small Craft Association

Doryman has promoted the TSCA many times in the past. Now it is time to see just how commited he is to perpetuating the building, restoration, and use of classic boats and small craft.

To help promote the rich maritime heritage passed on to us by countless generations, Doryman has been voted to the Council of the TSCA and subsequently to serve as President for the coming twelve months.

The TSCA is an international organization. Some have questioned the value of such an organization for the individual. The sense of history and tradition that surrounds our boats is certainly one of the attractions. The average member of the TSCA enjoys the thrill of passage-making under oars, a sedate cruise around the harbor, a voyage under sail, or a quiet paddle up a tidal estuary.

If the kind of boating found here at Doryman appeals to you, please find some like-minded souls and a chance to enjoy boating at it's finest.
Join the TSCA!



robert.ditterich said...

Congratulations and good luck. You bring to the task a wonderful range of relevant connections.

Brandon Ford said...

Congratulations! I guess I need to join now.

doryman said...

Thank you, Rob
Of course tradition has different meanings, depending on who you ask.
When I began writing these pages, I had no intention of promoting traditional boat building, per se. In fact I've found hard core traditionalists to be a stodgy set. But the last few years have been an education in how tradition can be enlivened by the interaction of the global community. I would like to see the rich body of knowledge found in the TSCA more actively shared in the TSCA forums, which might be asking a lot from a traditionalist.

doryman said...

Brandon, you have absolutely no excuse. What are you waiting for? Your expertise in traditional craft should be passed on. We need your input.